Marketing During a Global Pandemic

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April 14, 2020

oronavirus is at the forefront of everyone’s minds now. We’re officially living during a pandemic, and almost everyone has been affected. Whether you’re self-isolating, working from home, or are anxious about what the future might hold, the chances are that coronavirus has already affected you in some way, shape or form.

We don’t really want to contribute to the negative literature on the topic - of which there is a lot. The facts are bleak, however, in the wake of the crisis it seems that people have been turning to social media for a sense of community. 

Online marketing increases

While still working with our clients we have witnessed a surge in digital ad spending over the past couple weeks and likely to continue over the next several months, as consumers will naturally be spending more time online, especially choosing to shop online versus leaving the house. 

Social media ad spend is set to increase

Due to increased use of social media, spending across all social platforms is likely to increase. With more people on their phones, looking for engaging content to keep them busy as they try to tackle the emotional burden of self-isolation, social media will become a daily routine that people need to keep them grounded, give them a sense of community and regular updates on the global crises. Therefore, we encourage our clients to constantly keep posting online and staying active on all social media platforms. 

What content does our clients need during this pandemic?

As here at Blacktide Marketing, we are professional content creators who have a unique responsibility to be conscious of the content that we publish for our clients. Consumers need support from the brands they love, and social media provides a great vehicle to deliver that.

People are turning to their most trusted brands to lead the way and deliver content that shows true consideration for the consumer. 

We hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time and we look forward to seeing our clients in the near future!

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