July 28, 2022
Alexandros Costa

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Introduction- What makes a good dental marketing agency?

Dental practices are not like other businesses that hire marketing agencies to attract customers and supercharge sales. Dental practices pose unique challenges for marketing agencies and this is why it’s so beneficial to look for a dental marketing agency. If you are looking to market your dental practice, it’s natural to want to hire the best. Here are some characteristics to look for in a dental marketing agency:

  • Industry-specific experience, knowledge and skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • Personalised services that align with each customer’s objectives
  • Continuity and consistency achieved by working with a dedicated team or account manager
  • Data-driven strategies
  • Proven track record and results
  • An interest in innovation and creative development to help clients gain a competitive advantage

Why is Blacktide the best dental marketing agency?

Blacktide is an award-winning dental marketing agency, which specialises in delivering creative, cutting-edge marketing services for dental practices. The goal is to work with clients to attract new patients, create and convert leads, facilitate growth and help business owners to celebrate and promote their brand identity. Dentistry is a growing industry, which is evolving at pace. The experienced team at Blacktide recognises the unique challenges and opportunities and it is well-placed to design, implement and deliver bespoke strategies that achieve results. On average, the agency increases online traffic by up to 95%.


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