February 9, 2022

Glasgow Marketing Agency Founder Launches Marketing Consultancy Services For Startups

Alexandros Costa, the founder of multi-award-winning marketing agency Blacktide Marketing, has recently announced new marketing consultancy services that are directed at startups. Costa is known for his multiple branding and marketing awards, and also for his photography credentials having worked with multiple Oscar-winning artists such as Eminem, Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, and more.

Blacktide’s new marketing consultancy services will be tailored for budding entrepreneurs and fresh startups who are looking for guidance to help streamline their marketing journey. From the initial startup phases to scaling their company and future demand, Blacktide Marketing is confident in its ability to assist startups at every stage of its growth.

Currently, Blacktide Marketing provides a range of services including branding, social media, web designs and SEO, email marketing, training, and also digital strategy planning. This includes detailed processes such as establishing brand guidelines, identifying a marketing audience, and training staff to utilise platforms such as social media to build a brand personality. The new service creates a more accessible approach to marketing which helps startups understand new concepts while also preparing them for future growth.

With their new startup-focused service, Blacktide Marketing hopes to introduce new businesses to the idea of working with a marketing company to boost their sales and presence. With a bespoke approach that works closely with startups to help build their vision from scratch, Blacktide Marketing is flexible enough to work with all companies, teams, and startups.


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