February 9, 2022

Marketing Strategies To Implement After Covid-19

During this period, there will be brands that take advantage of the situation, and those who are looking to scale back their marketing activities. After enduring a period of downturn, it is important to fight back once this pandemic is over.

With digital adoption reaching new heights, online marketing is now more significant than ever, and it is a suitable time to put your brand and company in a stronger position long-term.

Intelligent brands will be successfully communicating and continue to be authentic in their messaging. Focusing on messaging for your brand purpose and implementing a focused marketing strategy will provide you with a strong return to normality.

During the pandemic, more people worked from home, therefore, it is certain that consumers will use e-commerce sites more frequently. With this change, we are beginning to see a trend in brands now increasingly leveraging their online presence and raising their advertising spend on digital channels such as social media and Google Ads. There it is crucial to push your online presence.

As brands continue to increase their online presence, users are now becoming increasingly aware of businesses that are taking an ethical, empathetic approach to their marketing communications, meaning a strategy in the long run which can be beneficial to your brand and business must be adopted.

Once this has been understood, your next undertaking is to understand how you can effectively market your brand purpose to your consumers.

Prior to Covid-19, we saw big brands focusing on obtaining new customers, offering free delivery or incentives. However, it is important to not only focus on gaining new customers, but focusing on existing ones who stayed with your company during the pandemic. Marketing with the focus on current customers pushing the message ‘existing customers come first!’ will result in an increase in revenue, as existing consumers will appreciate they are getting praised.

Follow this approach for long-term growth. It costs far less to keep an existing customer than it does to acquire a new one, and showing you value your current customers can help encourage them to remain a customer for life. If you can connect with your existing customers in an authentic way, creating an emotional resonance, your brand will be in a better position than your competitors.

At Blacktide Marketing we wish you luck during this current period and we are here to offer services or advice to those who seek help.


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