February 9, 2022
Alexandros Costa

Multi Award-Winning Marketing Agency Celebrates Growth By Opening Brand Protection Services

Blacktide Marketing, an agency that has won multiple awards through working with brands across the globe, has announced the expansion of its services. Alongside branding, social media, web and SEO services, they are now providing brand protection services.

Originally based in Glasgow, but having opened offices across the globe, Blacktide Marketing is an agency that provides a suite of digital marketing services for clients across a range of industries, aiming to keep their campaigns current with the platforms that suit their needs the most. After three years in business and multiple awards, Blacktide Marketing has announced that it has opened divisions in domain acquisition and IP acquisition for brand protection.

Founded by Alexandros Costa, who has since been noticed and profiled by a range of global brands, figures, and publications such as Forbes, Blacktide Marketing includes a team of marketing experts, web developers, social media managers, and more that help clients from across multiple. industries and sectors. Their social media, branding, design, web design, and SEO services have won them several awards, including the Clutch Top B2B Companies UK 2021 and Top Advertising & Marketing 2020 awards, as well as the Global Excellence Award.

Now three years old, Blacktide Marketing has expanded to operate not only in Glasgow but also in Dubai and Hong Kong, offering the same quality of branding and marketing campaigns to a global audience. These expanded offerings also include services designed to assist in brand protection.

The new domain acquisition and IP acquisition services offered by Blacktide Marketing are designed to help clients protect their brands. By acquiring and registering domain names and IPs, they can help clients protect themselves against disputes and litigations that might arise around these properties. Furthermore, they can help protect clients against would-be IP thieves, ensuring that domains, copyrights and trademarks cannot be used to falsely represent the organisation’s brand. This can help defend against counterfeiters, copyright pirates, and those who would otherwise infringe on the IP. Allowing IP infringement to go unmanaged can cause serious damage to a company’s image, reputation, and value.

With a focus on design expertise, strategic thinking, and the understanding and application of changing technologies, the team at Blacktide Marketing aims to help clients with both their short-term goals, such as increasing traffic, driving sales and establishing a growing online presence, and the long-term creation and protection on a strong brand. They have already won multiple awards in the three years they have been doing this, and look to continue doing so as the team and services they offer continue to expand.

To learn more about Blacktide Marketing, Glasgow's best marketing agency, and the services they provide, you can visit their website at https://www.BlacktideMarketing.com.


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